After our quick response to filling the gaps in aid and relief measures during the Covid-19 pandemic, we now plan to move on and help rehabilitate those who lost their livelihoods.

Some of the most affected are street vendors and micro industries, who will find it very difficult to regain lost ground without help. Rotary Club of Madras South will look to find, choose and support deserving beneficiaries adding one more way we help our community.

For some, their business is a primary source of income for the family, while for others it’s another source of income to meet the needs of their family. Waging a relentless battle, work long hours, many of these people stay in rented accommodation and now face the fear of being evicted due to arrears. Many have pledged what little jewelery they had with them, to tide over the crisis.

1) Tuition fees for their children when the schools reopen.
2) Financial support to turn their business around.
3) Access to health care.

Our Club will identify street vendors to help from our locality. Knowing the beneficiaries will help us decide easier. We will have helped someone in our circle and we can follow their growth. Once the beneficiaries are identified, an NGO will help us with the modalities.

We, Southerners can and will make it happen.

Let’s work together.