Female members from our Club, the 'Power Ladies of South', Shyamala Jayaprakash, Janaki Raman, Chitra Elumperiyar and their friend Sowmya participated in the 'All Women's Car Rally' organised by the Rotary District 3232 Partners Committee. They won the 'second runner up' position in the rally, out of the more than 50 teams that participated. Well done the power ladies.

Rtn. Paddy Sharma from our global grant partner Club, Rotary Club of Lake Spivey Clayton County, USA and her spouse Rtn. Sharma visited our Club yesterday, 23 Feb'21, during our weekly meeting, and was presented a Club flag as a mark of friendship. Rtn. Paddy also addressed us briefly and said their Club is ready for the next global grant project with us.

What is common between inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of United States of America (POTUS) and the 62st official visit of Rotary Governor to our Rotary Club of Madras South? Both the events made to the history books at the same time, though the dates differed, the different time zones helped enrich the history. Yes, Distrit Governor Muthu Palaniappan visited our Club to review the activities of the Club thus far and to give his views and ideas. In the function attended by less than 25 members due to the conrona pandemic, and all adhering to strict social distancing protocols, the members first interacted with the Governor on one-to-one basis and followed it with a formal function to commemorate the visit. DG Muthu Palaniappan had words of praise for the Club for its various activities, particularly project Revive, despite the pandemic, but urged to do more in terms of contribution to the Rotary Foundation. He said he believed in the collective strength of Southerners to do much more in the second half of the Rotary year. He also highligted the efforts of the District to increase the contribution to the Rotary Foundation and the novel way of starting 'eye' vision centres under the project 'Orange' supported by the Foundation. Earlier President Sujeesh welcomed the gathering and Secretary Balachander presented the Secretary's report highlighting the various activities of the Club. Assistant Secretary Sibi Rajan offered the vote of thanks. The meeting ended with fellowship and dinner.

Mr. Shamil Bicha, electronic manfacturing service provider by classification, was inducted as our new member yesterday (18 Nov) during our weekly business meeting. Shamil was introduced by our Past President Rtn. R V Rajan. Interestingly, Shamil is the second generation Rotary member and son of our senior member Rtn. Imbichammad. Southerners warmly welcome Shamil to our fold.

Our members visited the state-of-the-art cancer care centre, Apollo Proton Centre, near Thiruvallur on the outskirts of Chennai. The centre, according to Apollo Hospitals, is the first and only centre in the entire South East Asia region and Proton Therapy uses highly charged proton particles, delivered at high energy, to target and attack cancer cells. The visit to Centre was facililated after the recent address of Mr. John Chandy at our Club weekly meeting a couple of weeks back.

In a briefly held induction today, Kalyanasundaram, a law professional was inducted as a new member of our Club. It was a hybrid event, with Rtn. Mukund and Rtn. Renjit joined our President Rtn. Sujeesh for the induction, and rest of the members joined the meeting virtually. Rtn. Mukund pinned and welcomed the new member, now Rtn. Kalyanasundaram.