Water is a precious resource due to increases in demand from our ever growing population. Rainwater harvesting can provide around 50 per cent of a family's water needs. This not only saves water, but saves money and reduces our impact on the environment.

Chennai city is deprived of quality ground water due to rapid urbanization. Lack of good monsoon this year has resulted in severe scarcity of water and depleting underground water levels. In order to mitigate this problem and to preserve rainwater, Rotary Club of Madras South is planning to carry out rainwater harvesting at critical public locations to preserve water and create awareness in the community about the importance of rainwater harvesting.

Our Club has identified select public schools to implement rainwater harvesting system. Jaigopal Garodia Public High School in Saidapet is one of them and will be the model school for the project. Discussion are on-going with three other Government / Government aided schools in the city.

These schools do not have proper rainwater harvesting mechanism. The idea is to ensure that rainwater harvesting is carried out on scientific basis. Also wherever possible, the water will be diverted to well or bore pit for quick re-charge. This system will also be explained to schools children and create awareness amongst school children.

Project cost estimate: INR 12.50 lakhs (USD 18000)

Sekhar Raghavan, Director, Rain Centre, Chennai and Member, Sustainable Water Security Mission (SUWASM) formed by the Principal Secretary, Municipal Administration & Water Supply, Govt. of Tamil Nadu is our resource person and advisor for this project.

Also Rotarians who have practical knowledge of setting up rain water harvesting system will be involved to supervise and provide input on the project.

The sustainability of the project will be first criteria in identifying the project location. For each of the project, we have identified local community and institution support and interest. The future maintenance aspect and continuous monitoring of the system will be ensured. The locals consist of welfare association, Government representatives and trustees wherever the areas come under their purview.

The outcome of the project can be measured:

1. In terms of collection of water after rain and
2. In terms of increase in ground water level in the locality.
For more information on the project, please contact our Club President.